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Hilary Griffin

Welcome to HG Consulting

I help organisations in the UK and the Channel Islands to reduce conflict in the workplace through practical employment and discrimination training and the use of mediation to quickly diffuse disputes. 

I am an experienced City solicitor and former Jersey Employment Judge, and provide bespoke employment training and mediation services to help:

  • foster an inclusive working environment;
  • encourage a proactive HR approach by managers;
  • reduce conflict in the workplace, staff turnover and the risk of tribunal claims.

I offer:

  • bespoke in-house training workshops for HR professionals, managers and their teams on employment and discrimination matters;
  • workplace mediation for individual and team disputes;
  • employment mediation for cases which reach court or tribunal; and
  • investigation services for formal grievance and disciplinary matters.

What is mediation?

Mediation is a voluntary, confidential and cost-effective means of resolving conflict, both in the workplace and in court or the employment tribunal.  It is a process in which a neutral third party (the mediator) enables individuals or businesses who are in dispute to find a mutally acceptable resolution.

I provide an entirely confidential and impartial mediation service to enable employers and employees who are in dispute to find a mutually acceptable resolution and avoid disputes escalating unnecessarily.  

  • Mediation is a cost-effective means of finding a solution
  • Mediation is 100% confidential
  • Mediation is entirely voluntary
  • The mediator is entirely independent and impartial
  • Mediation removes the stress and unpredictablity of court or tribunal proceedings
  • Mediation puts the parties (rather than the court or tribunal) in control of the outcome


Mission Statement

My mission is to provide outstanding workplace training and mediation services to reduce the risk of costly and protracted tribunal proceedings


  • “The mediation was excellently facilitated by you and I would give you 10 out of 10 for for your performance in helping us resolve this dispute”
    Mediation - 2022
  • “Thank you for all your efforts and, in particular, for engaging so sensitivity with my client, who was anxious about the entire process. ”
    Employment mediation 2022
  • “The training was very beneficial for me, well laid out and very informative. I really enjoyed it and it will be very helpful in the future (near future)”
    Director, Grievance, disciplinary and tribunal training 2022
  • “I was sceptical at first about going to mediation as I didn't know what to expect but the whole process from start to finish was very calm and relaxed. I can't recommend mediation enough; our dispute was resolved and Hilary was so helpful and understanding”
    Mediation participant 2021
  • “Hilary worked hard to ensure that both parties were heard and had an opportunity to say their part. She was calm, even-handed and non-judgmental and persisted in searching for acceptable middle ground when discussions were becoming difficult”
    Employment mediation participant 2021
  • “I have found this morning really useful and pertinent to my role. I think it would be really good for all team managers to have this opportunity. ”
    Manager - Online Discrimination Training - 2022
  • “Thanks Hilary, I really enjoyed this session - you are great at explaining complex issues clearly. ”
    HR Consultant - Online Discrimination Training - 2022
  • “The mediation was really useful and I feel that we have made real progress. Thank you.”
    Workplace mediation participant - 2021
  • “I really enjoyed meeting you and thoroughly enjoyed the training and your approach, which was very engaging.”
    HR Consultant Grievance, Disciplinary and Tribunal Workshop - 2021
  • “Thank you for the course. Most thought provoking and I'm sure your calm counsel will stand us/me in good stead in the future.”
    Senior Executive - Tribunal Workshop 2021