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What is mediation?

Mediation is a voluntary, confidential and cost-effective means of resolving conflict.  It is a process in which a neutral third party (the mediator) enables individuals or businesses who are in dispute to find a mutally acceptable resolution.


Unlike court or tribunal proceedings, mediation is entirely confidential; whatever is said in the mediation bubble stays in the mediation bubble.  

Cost effective

Mediation is quicker and significantly more cost effective than going to court or tribunal.  Most mediations are completed in a day and can be arranged within a few weeks.


Rather than focusing on the sense of ‘being wronged’, mediation enables parties who are in conflict to step back and think about how they might resolve the dispute.  This can include looking both at their own behaviour and that of other people.

Enduring Solutions

Mediation allows the parties to retain control over the outcome of their dispute and come up with their own practical solutions which will benefit all sides.  In workplace or family business disputes, mediation allows the parties to find solutions which will endure the test of time and enable them to move forward constructively.


The vast majority of mediations are resolved quickly and effectively and therefore provide certainty of outcome and closure for the parties.  This is particularly important in the workplace, where grievances can quickly escalate and impact upon the wider team.

Re-building Relationships

Mediation allows people and businesses to rebuild relationships as they work together to find a solution.  This is wholly different to the effect of litigation (and even workplace grievances) where hostility tents to remain after the event, frequently destroying any chance of a continuing relationship.

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